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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our great / great-great grandpa

Found a bio of Fred Schoen in an old Washtenaw County History. It's been scanned and digitized and is available on line. This is our ancestor!



  1. Nice find, Barb. Hmmmmmmmmmm ,, he was born in 1865, and dies at 81 in 1901??????? Somehow, I'm not convinced of the reliability of THAT information............

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  3. It was Fred W's FATHER who passed away in 1901, not Fred W. Did you see that Fred W was a "stanch" Republican? Is that the past tense of "stench?" Our g-g-grandpa did not stink! Somebody missed an important vowel there. He was a "STAUNCH" Republican, our grandpa. I love how they included political persuasions in these biographical annals.

  4. Very interesting. I am hoping we can find some articles about our Reppenhagen relatives too!